Corporate Philosophy (or Management Principles)

We want to contribute to society through professional real estate evaluations.

Real estates play an important role in various social and economic scenes. This is why it's important that a licensed real estate appraiser in Japan is established by the nation to ensure an appropriate price value of properties.

In Japan, licensed real estate appraisers are independent and have strict guidelines which they must follow. These are the act of real estate appraisal, the real estate property appraisal standards and guidance notes on both of them.

Message from the CEO

From the beginning, Nihonbashi real estate appraisal office started to serve an appraisal report for individuals and companies. Now, in addition to appraisal reporting services, we are expanding our services to consulting on succession of business and inheritance, etc.

Nowadays, the role of real estate appraisers is increasing. For example, real estate redevelopment, securitization of properties, accounting market value disclosure, and consulting related to them are all becoming part of our job.

Therefore, we are here to help you with all the diverse needs you might have. We are continuously working on expanding and learning to become the best service for you.

Kazuhiro Mihara (Mr.)

President / Real Estate Appraiser
Nihonbashi Real Estate Appraisal Synthetic Office Co.,Ltd.


Licensed Real Estate Appraiser No. 7765


2008 October - Present Nihonbashi Real Estate Appraisal Synthetic Office Co.,Ltd. Chuo-ku, Tokyo
President (Founder of the Company)
2001 January - 2008 September Midas Appraiser and Guarantee Co.,Ltd. (Real Estate Appraisal Office) Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Manager, Real Estate Appraisal Dept.
1998 April - 2000 December GI Soft Co.,Ltd. (System Software Development Company) Wakayama
System Engineer
Development of Accounting / Finance Software for hospitals.


Osaka Gakuin University, Suita-city, Osaka
B.A. in Commercial Science

Published books

●"Shiranai to son wo suru fudousan souzoku・igon・isan bunkatsu no kihon". (2019) (Only Japanese version available)
●"Dare demo wakaru jinushi no tame no souzokutaisaku to fudousan hyouka". (2018) (Only Japanese version available)
●"Dare demo wakaru jinushi no tame no jidai kousyou to syakuchi・kyouyuuchi no yuukoukatuyou". (2017) (Only Japanese version available)
●"Fudousan no souzoku to setsuzei taisaku - Meberi sasenai shisan shoukei ・tora no maki - ". (2013) (Only Japanese version available)
●"Raival to sa ga tuku! fudousan tanpo hyouka hajime no ippo!!". (2010) (Only Japanese version available)

Membership(academic societies)