Our Principles

Our Principles

Message from the Representative

As a reliable real estate expert, Nihonbashi Real Estate Appraisal provides independent real estate appraisal and real estate consulting service with information gathering ability and analytical intelligence gained through the completion of hundreds of engagements and experience aiming to be a leading firm in the industry.
Recently, there are various demands for real estate appraisal services, such as authentic real estate appraisal reports for domestic financial institutions, market report and detailed due diligence reports for foreign financial institutions and servicers. Depending on objective and other requirement, needs for real estate appraisal might differ.
We can provide various reports (real estate appraisal / due diligence / market studies etc) specific to your needs and objective according to your budget.
Real estate appraisal service is essential for collateral/mortgage, transaction, asset valuation, real estate securitization. We are sure to make you satisfied by high quality services and can support your real estate business in Japan.

Our Business Direction

  • We fulfill social responsibility as real estate appraisers and contribute to our society. We shall not accept any assignment which does not meet this mission.
  • We are a team of reliable professionals. Our recruitment standard is simply whether a candidate is reliable as a human being or not. Our employees carry out assignments with responsibility. However, the final responsibility always rests with me (the representative).
  • Regarding personal real estate consulting, we accept the assignment only by personal introduction. We shall not accept an assignment without personal introduction.

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Kazuhiro Mihara
Licensed Real Estate Appraiser

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