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The Name of Nihionbashi

In financial/commercial history in Japan, the name of Nihonbashi where Bank of Japan, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Mitsukoshi Dept Store etc are located has great meaning. From Edo period (400 years ago) Nihonbashi is the starting point of five major national roads such as Route 1 (to Osaka), Route 4 (to Aomori) , Route 6 ( to Sendai) so on. Since then this place has been the origin of the transportation system of Japan and its commercial heart where stores, offices, banks gather round . Respecting ancestors who made a great contribution to today’s prosperity, we provide high quality real estate appraisal related services from this particular location.

Hiroshige Utagawa “Nihonbashi in Fifty-three Stages of the Tokaido”
Scene of 400 years ago

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